Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ira turned the big 2 on Monday.  How is it possible that we have a two year old?  He is such a sweet boy and has grown so much in the last couple of months.  He is talking like crazy and has adjusted so well to having a little brother. 

This boy loves nothing more than playing basketball.  He honestly plays for a couple hours each day and is shockingly good.  Best investment ever-little tikes basketball hoop.
This is a bad picture of his clock birthday party.  When he's not talking about basketball he is talking about clocks.  Weird obsession.  Not sure where he got it.  All he wanted for his birthday was an orange clock.  He carries it everywhere. 

He loves his little brother.  When we go get Ira from his nap he always asks me to put Asher in bed with him.  A little scary but so sweet.
Oh, we love this handsome boy.


jenna said...


seriously can't say it enough.

i love his obsession with clocks. i mean he's colin's child....he has to like peculiar things. none of these mainstream fisher price toys for that kid!

happy happy birthday! and my love for asher is seriously out of this world.

i love you all.

Lindsey said...

Kath that is crazy that he is 2! When did that happen?!

I love the clock obsession, I too have a special place in my heart for clocks and now have a collection of a whopping 4. I love that Ira and Asher are already buds, that will be so fun for them growing up :) Love you guys!

Cathy said...

What a cute clock cake--fun idea!! Happy Birthday to Ira!!

K said...

Post another!!!!!

Laura said...

I found Colin's wallet on the street. Laura 7073376502